• My imaginary (Poetry)

    I will release you, my imaginary, inside of the universe of my mind
    So you can get lost forever, roaming through my brightest stars

    I will let you fly over my planets so you can feel my gravity
    You will never be real, you will wander around in perpetuity

    My imaginary, because you don’t exist, and you never will
    Because you are just in my head, not in this reality

    All of your colors are mine, all of your edges and shapes
    To define? To limit? Open your eyes so you can see again

    I will draw you into existence, I’ll write your lines as you talk
    Luring your voice seductive, I will pace the paths you walk

    All the time in the world won’t be enough
    Crafting you has been deceiving and trechearous

    We can fit infinity into a cardboard box
    But we can fit into our hearts no reason at all

    Who are you? Without your eyes I am so small
    I tried creating you, but then I hit a wall

    If I am nothing without you
    and you can let me fall

    Am I the imaginary one?
    Or is my heart your heart?

    Illustration from pixabay