Human fragility: We are always dying.

Have you ever been perfectly healthy and stopped for a minute to appreciate that moment? And maybe thank the universe or whatever for such an amazing feeling. You maybe aren’t feeling something specially great, but also you are not feeling anything wrong. Like appreciating those escarce moments when you can breathe from both nostrils, when normally, you suffer from allergies.

When I get sick I think a lot about how I should be a lot more thankful when I’m perfectly healthy. So, recently I got a stupid flu, and it wasn’t even the worst flu ever, but I felt like I was a super fragile being. I get a regular flu and for two days I feel like dying. I can’t breathe right, I can’t sleep right, or eat, or talk… and all I can think of is how uncomfortable everything turns out to be just because I’m a little bit sick.

When I was little I used to get a lot of paper cuts on my fingers. And because I was weird, and it felt weird for me, eventually I started to get paper cuts on purpose. It was amazing for me how a little, tiny cut disturbed my whole existence. This whole body is feeling right, but get one paper cut and immediately all you can feel is that piece of skin. Getting burned is also incredibly uncomfortable.

The truth is we human beings are so very fragile. You can fall over and break a bone easily. You can sneeze so hard you can break a rib. You make a weird turn with your body and suddenly your knee is out of place (it happened to me). And yet, we look over and over for situations that put our lives in risk ON PURPOSE.

What is it? Why do we love danger? Even if we are scared (raise your hand if you love scary movies). Why do we enjoy that rush of adrenaline and the possibility of, you know, dying? Why do we need to feel… so much…? Why do we need extreme experiences to make us feel alive? That’s just the way our body works.

Such situations trigger a bunch of hormones into our brain, making us feel super-human, all of our senses work better and some other body functions slow down. Put all together and you get a rush of alertness and awareness that some people get addicted to. Pain from wounds (like paper cuts) also release endorphins, in an attempt to relieve the pain, but endorphins also boost pleasure.

So yeah, that’s how the body works. But I’m not a scientist, I’m a weird hippy. So why?

Are we so dead on regular basis, in our regular life that we need to search for something to make us feel alive? As we grow up less and less things make us feel excited( including food) so we start searching for different things to experience, and we go try exotic foods, weird sex positions and situations, different experiences, because we run away from monotony, and our senses start to work less and less. We start to die. We are always dying.

But we are always dying because we almost never stop for a second to appreciate all the life in us. We should do it as many times in a day as possible. Thank your eyes, because you can (probably, how are you reading this?) see. Thank your skin, it’s the largest organ in your body, and it’s super sensitive, it gives you the sense of touch, it lets you enjoy the caress of the wind or from someone you love. Thank your ears, because music. Thank your tongue, because freaking chocolate. Your nose, because it’s awesome to smell people you like……….what?

Start by thanking for the air you breathe. Have you notices the pleasure of inhaling and exhaling? It’s always there, but have you noticed? You don’t even have to put effort in it.

Thank all your body, in sickness and in health, because against all odds, against your own will maybe, it’s trying to keep you alive. It works so hard, even when you are asleep, it literally fights for your life so you can eat those fries that actually kill it. But they make you happy, and your body is so humble that it says: “there, there, I’ll work the best I can with what all you are giving me, just for a chance to get one more day, one more shot at this, one more opportunity so you can discover what your existence means, so you can laugh, cry, and if you are lucky enough, so you can love.”

Be kind to your body. Be kind to yourself in your mind too.

Daily reminder: you are alive, but don’t forget you need to actually live.

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